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It’s official, this year I was sucked in to the dark side. It’s something I am not proud of and am reluctant to freely admit for the possibility of public ridicule, but I am now a reality TV addict. I know, I know, reality TV is the scourge of society and the killer of creativity, but as with every addiction it starts off small. “I’ll just give it a try,” you might say and you mean it. You begin with just a sniff by sitting down to a seemingly harmless episode of Bondi Rescue, but before you know it you are series linking the hard stuff like Master Chef and The Bachelor. For me though it’s X Factor and The Block. Two shows that have taken over my free time and given me a surprising amount of satisfaction in watching people bitch and moan, which something I get all day at work.

So I have decided to put my misguided and unfortunate new habit to good use by giving the readers some advice on where they can pick up a few extra dollars betting reality TV.

X Factor

 First Judge to lose all of their contestants

Sportsbet see this as a no brainer. Guy Sebastian drew the short straw this series and was given the thankless task of mentoring the groups. He tried to make it easy on him self by picking those with genuine talent, but having seen two of his acts leave already he now finds he is the $1.45 favourite to be the first judge left with none at all. His last act Matt and Jess are also $14.00 outsiders to take out the whole competition, but the talk on the street is they are becoming more and more popular. The pair have undoubted talent and this could see them stick around for a few more weeks yet meaning Guy might just outlast one of the other judges. My bet is on Dannii Minogue being the one to slip away first. The X Factor UK veteran seems to be off her game a little this series picking songs for her team that are failing to inspire the nation. At $5.00 with Sportsbet I would get on it before the odds quickly drop.

 The Block

 Which Couple Will Win?

This series of The Block has been one of the bitchiest on record. There have been rumours of affairs, digs about people’s weight and over spending galore. When it comes to the crunch though I feel it is going to the most predictable ending in the shows history. Since the series kicked off Dean and Shay have been the team to watch as they comprehensively wracked up the room wins. They are not only throwing everything at it in terms of cash and quality design but they also have the Penthouse. In past series this has meant little, but the 360-degree view of the Melbourne skyline that this particular South Yarra Penthouse offers the eventual buyer is surely going to start a bidding war. You can get $2.60 from Sportsbet on the young couple winning the final auction and I for one am getting on it right now.

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