Sportsbet Punters Club Review

With spring racing season only months away and the Olympics about to kick off, what better time to gather up a group of mates to join up to Sportsbet Punters Club and take advantage of the great markets they have on offer.

Sportsbet Punters Club only takes minutes to create and before you know it you are able to show off your betting prowess to your peers. All you need to get started is to click on create club on the Sportsbet Punters Club page. From there choose a club name and your own personal nickname for within the group and then you can move onto setting up your clubs rules.

Your punters clubs rules can be tailored to your group’s specific needs. If for example you would prefer to keep the weekly spending to a minimum you can set the maximum bet at whatever price you desire. Sportsbet allows you to also choose between having members contribute to the club weekly or once off if the club is created potentially for one specific event. The Betting round rotation refers to how long it takes until the next member can place a bet. You have the option of rotating daily, weekly or instantly. We recommend rotating instantly so that the next member can bet straight away once the bet before them has been placed.

You can also choose how many members of your group can bet per round. If you have a rather large group and prefer to keep the bets to a minimum then that option is available to you. By allowing all members to contribute each week it keeps everyone interested and decreases the odds of that one friend complaining that there are no winnings because they weren’t able to bet this round.

So the rules are set and now it is time to choose how you will spend the bottomless pit of money that you and the rest of your club accumulate. At the end of each round all winnings can be placed into a pool that you and the rest of your club can continue to bet with or the winnings can be distributed evenly between each member of the group.It is a fantastic idea for your club to create an end goal that everyone can agree on and work towards. Whether it be a night out to celebrate or maybe even a holiday it is important for everyone to have an end game that maintains interest within the club.

Sportsbet Punters Club is not only a great social idea it also is a sure way to improve your winnings. The saying goes ‘two heads are better than one’ so gather as many heads as you can to snap that gambling cold streak and share the winnings with a group of your closes mates. By joining Sportsbet Punters Club you can take advantage of the knowledge other members in your group possess about different sports or racing. In doing so, your returns will be higher with no increased risk.

Although Sportsbet Punters Club is a fun way to punt with your friends, if your bets consistently lose you will be found out. On the members page there is a table showing the results of each members bets and their percentage of returns. So beware of going for the 20 to 1 shot each week or you will soon be the laughing stock of your Punters Club.

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