Sportsbet Mobile Site and iPhone App Review

Sportsbet’s iPhone app is known as the number one mobile betting app in Australia. Sportsbet Mobile has been the leaders in mobile betting since the first internet enabled phone so they have spent plenty of time polishing their Sportsbet mobile product.
Not only does the Sportsbet mobile site cater for iPhones and Galaxy mobiles they include iPads and other tablets which is designed to use the whole screen with additional menus and info than what the mobile app shows.

I’ve been using the Sportsbet iPhone app for around 12 months now and have found it very easy to use. I was initially worried that bets might be delayed once the confirm button was hit but found they instantly get placed even last second bets before the jump work.
I found the app most useful at the track. You can compare the odds of the bookies and tab with the Sportsbet odds and not once have the on course bookies had better odds than Sportsbet giving me an advantage that I didn’t have in the past.

sportsbet mobile site

Sportbet iPhone App

The Sportsbet iPhone app is very user friendly with large icons to help navigate around the app which is especially good for blokes with big fingers or when your at the pub having a few beers.

Another good place where I’ve used the Sportsbet mobile app a lot is on the train. It’s a great time killer, just chuck your headphones in and listen to the race call using a radio app and throw a few dollars on here and there.

Depositing and withdrawing can also be made all through the iPhone app using your credit card. It’s very safe and have been passed by Apple’s s strict policy’s and checks so you know your Sportsbet betting account and card details are in safe hands.

The Sportsbet iPhone app also has live chat support built in so help is just a click away.

All the bet types are included in the app. It’s simple to make multis and setup quadies and other exotic bets. You also have the choice of fixed odds in most racing meets making its handy for when your out and about and haven’t got time to study the odds moving around.
The Sportsbet mobile app is available for iOS in the App Store and for Samsung’s and other Android devices on their app stores.

Sportsbet Mobile Site

If for some reason you don’t have the Sportsbet App on your mobile you can still get you’re bets on using the Sportsbet mobile website by simply pointing your mobile browser to

Instead of the normal version of the Sportsbet site coming up the Sportsbets mobile site does which is perfectly suited to mobile devices. Sometimes this site preforms better than the app which very now and again take a little long to load.

You can do all the things that you would on a PC right on the Sportsbet mobile site. Sportsbet recently updated the multi bet platform making it much easier to place multi bets on mobile devices.

People that use the Sportsbet mobile website are also entitled to the $501 bonus bet that Sportsbet have on offer. See the Sportsbet mobile site promo page here for more details and to create an account.

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  1. I’ve been using mobiles for betting for a few years now and have found the sportsbet app to be the best of them all for speed and ease of use.

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