Moneybookers Review

There are numerous ways to deposit money into your account with an online bookmaker but only are few are really used. In this article I’ll show you one of the best ways to deposit to your betting account rather than continuous useĀ of your credit card online.

Money Bookers
MoneyBookers has been huge in Europe for many years and is just starting to take off here in Australia. They accept over 35 different currencies and they enable you to safely send and receive money instantly.

MoneyBookers is accepted at all the Australian bookmakers including Sportsbet, Centrebet, IASbet and most bookmakers around the world. The advantage to Moneybookers over credit card or bank deposit use is that you can move your money around to other betting accounts without any fuss or risk.
I’ve been using MoneyBookers for about two years now and have found it great for online betting and even better for online poker. If I have a couple of wins at the horse races with Centrebet I can transfer the winnings from my betting account straight over to my online poker account on another website with ease. It’s defiantly definitely a lot cheaper as well, I was sick of all the cash advance fees my credit card was stacking up every time I made a deposit to my betting account.

The support team is exceptional, as it should be when handling money. I emailed them a question about the security of the MoneyBookers website for this actual blog entry and it was answered about 5 minuets after sending it.

They replied with the following info. MoneyBookers use the same online security as the big banks with 128bit encryption that’s certified by VeriSign. This means they have a very safe and trustworthy site where all your details can’t be compromised. With a Moneybookers account you won’t need to keep using your credit card details at different web sites, just login and follow the steps to deposit instantly to your betting account without typing your card numbers online repetitively and risking them getting into the wrong hands.

I would recommend MoneyBookers to people with more than one betting account that want the flexibility of moving your money where you want it without waiting. Theres no need to keep different betting accounts topped up waiting for the best odds. Just use a MoneyBookers account and move the money where the odds are.

For more info about MoneyBookers with Australian bookies checkout the following sites.

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