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Tennis: Is Serving First Better Than Receiving?

Majority of tennis lovers, professionals and tennis punters will say that serving first in a tennis match is preferred, but looking at the stats do players who serve first win more times than not? And can it help in live tennis betting?

I’ve heard many times before its better to serve as going one game up at the start is much better than going one game down.

Professor Jan Magnus of Tilburg University and Professor Franc Klassen of the University of Amsterdam have studied this question and found some interesting results which could help the every day tennis punter like you and I.

They found that on both the Men’s and Women’s draws who ever serves first in the first set is more likely to go on to win that set as shown in the table below.

But interestingly whom ever serves first other than the first set, is more likely to lose that set. Looking into to this, its more probable than not that the better player wins the first set while on his serve, this means the worst player loses a set while recieving thus handing him the serve in the following set.

Sets won when serving first. Live tennis betting

Sets won when serving first

So the worst player usually serves first in all sets other than the first. This tip is one to remember when placing live bets on the tennis.

Another interesting stat the professors found is that in the ATP the probability of the server to win the first game is 87.7%. The percentage is 80.8 for every game after that. In the WTA the stats show that its 74.3% in the first game and 63.4% for every other game

This tip could also benefit your live tennis bets and get the edge over the bookies.

Live Tennis Betting

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