Ladbrokes Eftpos Card Review

The newest corporate bookmaker in Australia Ladbrokes promised to change the way Australians think about betting and they have come to the party with the new Ladbrokes Eftpos Card.

The Ladbrokes Eftpos Card makes every ATM in Australia a payout machine.

With the Ladbrokes Eftpos Card once you have won a bet your winnings are instantly put onto the Eftpos card where you can withdraw them straight away from any ATM Australia wide.

Every other bookmaker in Australia makes their customers manually transfer winnings from their betting account across to their bank account which takes around 3 days to happen, with Ladbrokes you have the cash in your hands instantly.

The card can also be used at shops that accept pre paid Eftpos cards, which I have found pretty much all do. There is a limit of $2500 per day at Australian retailers.

To get a Ladbrokes Eftpos Card simply click here and make an account. Once your account is made click on the apply for a Ladbrokes card and fill in the details and within 7 working days your card will be sent out in the mail and ready to use.

All new Ladbrokes customers also are eligible for their industry leading $250 free bet offer. Simply make a deposit of up to $250 and that amount will be doubled instantly kick starting your Ladbrokes betting account. See details on this offer here.

For more information on the Ladbrokes card or to apply for a card see their site here.


Ladbrokes Eftpos Card

Ladbrokes Eftpos Card

Ladbrokes Card Pros

  • Withdraw winnings instantly like the TAB
  • Withdraw from any ATM in Australia
  • Check card balances with Ladbrokes iPhone app
  • Cash in your hand

Ladbrokes Card Cons

  • Can’t be used like a normal credit card e.g. Online Shopping
  • $1000 ATM withdrawal limit per day
  • $500o maximum amount in the card’
  • Cant deposit funds into card, only funds in betting account

Ladbrokes Eftpos Card Fees

  • Withdrawal Fee: ATM Owners Fee (Usually $2.50)
  • Lost Card or Pin Number $5.00
  • Replacement Card Fee $10.00
  • Disputed Transaction fee $10.00
  • Balance Enquiry: Free
  • POS Purchase: Free

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