Sportsbet’s “Best Of” Justice Refunds

I remember the days when you were more likely to find a sober Irishman than see a bookie refund a bet for any reason. Times have changed though and bet refunds are just one of the ways new age, online companies try and wheel you in.

Some bets are refunded as part of this promotion while others for strange and whacky reason that seem beyond comprehension. Here at we have pulled together three of the strangest ever bet refunds as we salute the new found social conscience of bookies around the world.

Taylor Swift Hottest 100 Disqualification

Everybody loves Taylor Swift, right? How could anybody have a bad word to say about those catchy melodies and well thought out Shakespearian esq lyrics? Well it seems there are those out there who have had enough of Miss Swift and her serial dating habits. A twitter campaign recently hit the headlines calling for her hit song “Shake It Off” to be disqualified from making Triple J’s famous Hot 100 list. It seems that, “fakers gonna fake, fake, fake, fake, fake”, simply didn’t hit the hearts of many Australians. The campaign won. Shake it off is no longer a contender for the Hot 100 and Sportsbet responded by refunding over $10,000 in bets to 600 disappointed, tone deaf Swifty fans around the country.

Richie Porte Wheel Swap Penalty

Cycling is surely the dodgiest of dodgy sports in the world. With most results from major races in the 1990s being written off because of drug abuse. Teams have also been accused of cheating with one cyclist getting caught fitting a small electric motor to his back wheel and another swapping places with his twin brother after each stage allowing for a good rest period in between. Ok, ok I made the last two up but it certainly wouldn’t surprise me if Lance Armstrong and Co had discussed both tactics. So with this in mind it came as a major shock when Aussie, Simon Clarke, stopped and gave fellow countryman Porte his front wheel after the race favourite suffered a puncture during the Giro d’Italia. Porte was in third place when the incident happened but slipped to 12th after he was given a two-minute penalty by race officials for the illegal wheel swap. With Porte now out of the overall running Sportsbet decided it would be Un Australian not to refund bets to those who had backed him for a top three finish.

Eastenders Murder Whodunit

For those of you that don’t know what Eastenders his click here. The long running English soap is known for its unbelievable murder rate most of which seems to happen during the Christmas special. In 2012 bookies William Hill opened a market for a whodunit special after Eastenders crook Derek Branning was found dead. Unfortunately for Hills it seems Branning had dies of a heart attack and they were not only forced to pay out on bets that said he had killed himself, but they also refunded all other bets on the Eastenders special.

William Hill spokesperson Joe Crilly commented: “Derek had enough enemies to justify his murder, but it seemed that nature did everyone a favour. Years of tough living took their toll and so we paid out on him and refunded on everyone else.”

I almost feel sorry for them, nah stuff that. LONG LIVE THE BET REFUND.

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