Horse Racing Futures Betting Tips and Guide

Horse racing betting is a tough task at the best of time so any tips that can give you a slight edge can help you make a more informed decision when placing your horse racing bets.

One particular type of market I like to concentrate on is the futures. Eg, Melbourne Cup, Golden Slipper and Caulfield Cup.

A futures betting event is when a major race opens to the betting market well before the actual race, this can sometimes even be 12 months before the race.

Advantages can be taken made in these markets because theres massive odds that fluctuate from week to week and if you keep a bit of interest on a select few horses you can clean up come the group 1 race day.

Heres some of my tips for betting on futures betting markets.

Horse Racing Bet Timing

The time of you bet can be the difference of a large or small profit. I like to place bets around 6 months before the big group 1 race. There is always large value bets that far out and if you are confident on a horse then this is the time to jump.

If you decide to lay your bets lay them at Betfair on race day. The number of bets placed is always massive on group 1 race day so the true odds usually shine through.


Futures Betting Barrier Trial

Barrier Trials

Barrier trials are a great way to estimate how a horse is preforming that isn’t widely regarded. Most people look at race results but barrier trials can tell you what expect in the coming months.

Just like other sports horses preform better at their home track so a good trial at an away track is a good indicator of a horse coming into form.

I disregard quick trial times from the lesser known trainers and horses. These horses sometimes can be up for sale so a quick trial can promote interest in buyers. The trainer makes sure the horse is well prepared for the trial and likely carrying a lighter jockey helping get a quick trial that is hard to replicate in race conditions.

As all the trainers and professional punters get to the track to watch the trials you can get a good insight on particular horses just by listening to what the pro are chatting about.

Example. A horse is paying $60 six months out before the Melbourne Cup and trials really well away from his home track after a spell, you see and hear some positive feedback from professionals at the trial and put $100 on him at $60 to make $6000.

The horse then shows the good form and qualifies for the Melbourne Cup and his odds come into $15. You then have the option to lay the bet on Betfair and profit $4500 before the race even starts or if your confident you have a quality Melbourne Cup runner at $60 odds.

Horse Preparation

Horse preparation is a good trigger to place bets on future markets.

If you think a horse is expected to do well (weather it be a good barrier or not a quality field) then it might be worth placing bets on the futures market before that race is run to get the better odds.

Also take note of how long the horse has been up or spelled for. A horse 1st up will likely run well so getting on the futures before that race will see you get better odds and more money in your pocket at the end of Group 1 race.

Horse Racing Info

There is plenty of places to get horse racing info. The best place is sitting in front of your computer.

Horse racing video replays can be found online including youtube. These give you the chance to analise the race at your own pace.

Listen to interviews from horse racing radio stations. They usually post these interviews on their website and they give you the inside word from the trainers, jockeys and owners.

Twiter is another tool I use to gauge the form of jockeys and trainers. All the best trainers and jockey’s have twitter accounts now and you can find unscripted details on twitter that can’t be found on a recorded interview on the radio or TV.


Futures Betting Summery

  1. Stick to the big future race betting markets, they have plenty of interest with large stakes and large odd swings.
  2. Bet on well known jockeys and trainers. They give the best racing consistency.
  3. Bet early on 6 months+ before the race. This is where the big odds are and the profits can me made.
  4. Lay bets with Betfair on race day to get guaranteed returns.
  5. Do your homework. Wether its at the track or behind the screen the more homework you do the better informed and confident you are when betting.

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