10 Reasons to Give the TAB the Flick

tab200x60For people who still go to their local TAB outlet every weekend to place some bets, here are the top 10 reasons why you should make the step up to online bookmakers.

1. Odds
All the corporate bookmakers have better odds than the TAB. Competition is much high and the bookies have very low margins giving the betting public the upper hand.

2. Free bet offers
Majority of the online bookies double your first deposit in free bets up to around $100 to $200. Checkout our Free Bet Finder for a list of the best offers that most suits your betting styles.

3 . Different Betting Markets
Unlike the online bookies the TAB are not permitted to have special betting markets like novelty bets and exotic footy betting like first team to 20 points etc. Here’s a great article on Novelty betting that’s worth a look.

4. Convenience
There is no need to jump into the car with the online bookies, just simply login to your betting account on your PC at home and your ready to go.

5.Credit Card Deposits
Have no cash on hand? Then its impossible to bet at a TAB outlet. Every online bookie accepts VISA and Mastercard so betting can be done even without cash.

6. Customer Service
In my opinion the TAB don’t have a great customer support team. I’ve waited in a telephone queue for ages just to get to an operator. The good thing about online bookies is that majority of them have an instant chat facility where they can guide you through the help that you need, right there and then.

7. Credit Betting
The TAB refuse to give any credit to customers although credit betting has become very popular in Australia. Some online bookies are giving $1000’s of credit to approved customers. Checkout our credit betting guide here for more info.

8. Betting Tickets
Ever lost a TAB betting ticket? I’ve lost a winning ticket after a “big” grand final day out. If the bet was placed online I would have been OK as all the betting info is stored online where it cannot be misplaced.

9. Mobile Phone Betting
Technology has moved into mobile devices and so has betting. Any 3G or wifi phone can place bets on your betting account. Very handy for when your at the game to get some last minute bets on. See our Mobile betting section here

10. Tax
The TAB is taxed by the government a lot more than the corporate bookies. This means less money in your pocket and more in the Governments. Stick to Northern Territory based bookies as they are taxed much less. Majority of corporate bookies are N.T based for this reason, some of the big names are. Sportsbet , Centrebet and IASbet .

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