eSports Betting Guide – Starcraft 2, DOTA2 and League of Legends

eSports betting has taken off in Australia and around the world with money to be made if you know and follow the eSports leagues.
Bets can be made on all the most popular leagues for Starcraft 2, DOT2 and LoL. They include GSL, MLG, DreamHack, NASL, ASUS and The International.

starcraft 2 betting, esports betting

eSports Betting

Whats great about eSports is there an a number of sites that stream the tournaments live, the best site I’ve found is Wellplayed. They stream all the big games for free to the world and have some great info on results and whats coming up.

There are some great Starcraft betting info sites that list all the players and their stats that can give punters the upper hand when placing bets and picking the underdog that wins. I’ve found that Liquipedia is the best resource around for this.

Studying players recent form is a must for the serious eSports punter. Also checking what match ups players prefer as some players may be great at TvT but poor at other game modes.

Other things to get an advantage in eSports especially Starcraft is keeping an eye on player interviews. With elite players flying all over the world to play, jet lag and lack of sleep can drastically affect the way they play which the bookies sometimes miss when listing the odds. Watching and reading interviews can give you an idea on how the player is physically and mentally before a tournament and give you the upper hand when placing Starcraft bets.

eSports Betting Markets

starcraft 2 betting, esports betting

Starcraft 2 Betting

Pinnacle Sports is the only bookmaker at this stage taking bets in Australia on eSports. Luckily they are a very reputable bookmaker that has been around since 1998. They work on very thin margins so great odds can found not only on eSports bet with all their betting markets.

There are a few different type of bets you can make on eSports. The main Starcraft 2 betting markets are handicap bets and line bets. With handicap bets you can give the underdog team a one set head start to get much better odds or if the team you want to bet on is favourite you can give them 1 set down to begin with to increase the odds.

See the Pinnacle site here for more information on eSports betting and to make an account. You can also see the Pinnacle site for a full eSports Calendar of events so you won’t miss a minuet of the eSports betting action.

2013 Dallas Starcraft 2 Grand Final

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