EPL Manager Sack Race

Everybody loves the English Premier League. Fans across the globe stay up to all hours of the night just to witness the pace, the passion and the skill that set it apart from the other so called top leagues, but if the EPL has one draw back it’s the predictability that means only two or three teams ever have a realistic chance of taking out the top prize. The global scope of the big six often means they have the money to attract the top players and stay ahead of the pack.

The EPL does throw up surprises though with the odd tricky result. There are also the axe wielding chairman who tend not to take losing lightly. A poor run of results, a flirt with relegation and a manager could soon be queuing up for the dole every friday morning instead of taking their private jets to the next fixture. So common are managerial sackings that I can’t remember a season passing by without at least two clubs changing their main man and if you can read the signs correctly it can be a very lucrative side bet for those that love a punt on the soccer.

Here is our look at the three main contenders to be the first EPL manager for the chop this season.

Brendan Rodgers $2.50 @ Sportsbet

Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers was the golden child of football coaching when the reds came within a whisker of lifting the title back in 2014. Praised for his attacking brand of possession based football after winning the 2013/14 manager of the year award meant everybody was predicting big things for Liverpool. How fickle football can be though. Since those glory days the Northern Irishman has been forced to sell his two best players in Luis Suarez and Raheem Sterling. Although the board have backed him by re investing these funds the reds have struggled to rediscover any sort of form. Liverpool fans have made their voices clear and they want him out after watching their beloved team set up with a don’t lose mentality this season, taking just seven points from a possible 15 while scoring only three times. Former Borussia Dortmund boss, Jurgen Klopp, is apparently waiting in the wings with recent reports stating that discussions between him and the Liverpool board could take place on November.

Dick Advocaat $4.00 @ Sportsbet

The Sunderland boss has only been in charge for six months or so. After saving them from relegation last season he originally turned down the chance to stay on this season. To me that screams out that this was a job he really isn’t that keen on. Maybe there was nothing else out there or maybe it was simply a case of being won over by a massive wage. Whatever the reason for his change of heart his lack of passion for the job is really showing. Sunderland look poor defensively and lack ideas going forward. A run of bad results here could quickly end up with Advocaat’s head on the chopping block

Jose Mourinho $7.00 @ Sportsbet

The Special One is third favourite for the sack with Sportsbet. This is based mainly on Chelsea’s poor start to the season. There is also the feeling that Mourinho struggles to stay at clubs for the long term having not stuck out any job for longer than three years. Despite the dip in form and the fact this is his third season back with the blues I just can’t see him going this time. This is his chance to really go about building a lasting legacy. He needs to show that he can build clubs for the long term and not swish in, win a couple of trophies and swish out again.

For me Sportsbet have it right. Brendan Rodgers will surely be the first manager to go this season. The man who once prided himself on his attacking identity seems to have let a fear of losing his job cloud his judgement. His tactics are not working, Liverpool are struggling and another loss or two will surely be the end of his reign as king of the Kop.


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