Credit Betting Accounts – Credit Accounts From $100 to $5000

***Please Note*** Credit betting account have now been banned Australia wide so no Australian bookmaker is allowed to offer credit betting accounts

Ever been given a hot tip but haven’t had the funds to place the bet? Bet For Free have compiled a top 2 ¬†Australian bookmakers that give credit accounts from as little as $100 and up to $5000. The bookmakers listed only give credit to approved clients.

There are some great advantages to using bookmaker credit accounts. The main advantage is unlike credit cards there is no high interest rates payable, the bookmaker will usually just give the account holder a monthly statement.

Another big plus is the funds are there ready to use if a big tip comes along, there is no need to run around trying to deposit funds and waiting for them to clear to your betting account, its all just a click away.

Free bets offers are also available to credit betting accounts. Most bookies offer different free bet bonuses on the major sports or racing events each week that credit betting accounts can use, including refunds.

Care needs to be taken with credit accounts as obviously you are betting with funds that are yet to be paid for. That being said this may not suit all people.

Credit betting accounts suit people with funds tied up and not available to bet with when needed. Rather than liquidating investments or redrawing on loans a credit betting account can be very useful.

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