Bitcoin Betting in Australia

The growth of Bitcoin betting on the internet has become big business. Also with the number of retail website now accepting Bitcoin its only a matter of time that Bitcoin payments become accepted by Australian bookmakers.

Over 50% of all Bitcoin transactions worldwide are made onĀ online betting. Majority of these bets have been placed in countries where online betting has banned like majority of states in the US.

Currently some of bookmakers that use Bitcoin as its main currency don’t require punters to provide detailed personal information like license number, mobile number and credit card info. This is seen as an advantage over the traditional bookmaker that asks for numerous details to be able to bet and withdraw funds from them.

bitcoin-acceptedIn a world where our internet usage is being monitored more and more Bitcoin gives punters a chance to bet anonymously and know that bets are not being scrutinised.

Although its streamlined online gaming in areas where its currently banned Bitcoin betting has opened the door to some shady practices. People under the age of 18 are able to place bets. Also footy players and other sportsmen have the option to bet on their own team knowing their bets are near untraceable.

I think Bitcoin Betting has the potential to take off in Australia as more people taking interest in investing in Bitcoin and the advantages it gives online users.

Bitcoin Betting in Australia

Sportsbet bet has hinted on their site (see screen shot below) that Bitcoin betting may be coming to Australian bookmakers soon so watch this space. You can see the Sportsbet site here to find out if they and now accepting Bitcoin betting.

They also give new customers a $25 free bet when a deposit of $10 (real money!) is deposited. See the Sportsbet site here for more info on this offer.

See the Bitcoin Wikipedia page here for more info on Bitcoin.



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