How To Avoid a Restricted or Banned Betting Account

Are you a winning punter? Has your betting account even been banned or restricted for being too successful? Corporate bookmakers employ people full time to keep an eye on successful punters or potential successful customers.

Some bookmakers will guarantee they won’t close winning accounts, although this maybe the case they will restrict winning account so much that it isn’t worth betting with them.

As annoying as this is there are ways to keep out of the bookmakers spotlight and avoiding a red flag while still raking in the dollars.

Before we get into the details I’ll give you the heads up. Its known in the bookmaker industry that the most lenient bookie in Australia when it comes to restricting or banning betting accounts is Luxbet. They also triple your first deposit up to $200 when joining. See the Luxbet site here for more info on this offer and to make an account.

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Banned Betting Account

Keep Bet Sizes to $80 or Below

$80 is usually the bet limit before a flag is raised on your account and the bookies take a closer look at you. Even if your $80 or over bet is on a short priced favourite you will get noticed. The best way to avoid a flag is to spit up bets between bookmakers.

Eg. $77 at Sportsbet and $77 at Luxbet. This way you are still getting a sizeable bet on but keeping out of the crosshairs of the corporate bookies.

See our full list of Australian Corporate Bookmakers here.

Keep Bet Returns Under $1000

Any racing bets that can potentially pay $1000 or more will be flagged on the bookies betting system. They will keep an eye on the result and future bets from there on to see if you are a professional punter or not.

Like our first tip, the best way to get around this is to spit up your bets between 2 or 3 bookies. Eg. Bet 1 with Luxbet pays $900, bet 2 at Sportingbet pays $850 and bet 3 at Sportsbet pays $800.

Another advantage with betting with multiple bookmakers is that you can take advantage of the free bet offers each one of the bookies have. See our best free bet offers here.

As bookies odds differ slightly, you may not get all your money on the best odds available. Over the long term this tip will still advantage you as you won’t have a restricted or banned betting account with the bookies.

Time Your Bets

Timing matters when keeping under the bookies radar. Bookmakers will take more notice of punters that are constantly winning when they are placing the bets minuets before the jump of a race.They are worried that you know something that they don’t which they try to distance themselves from.

So place your bets around 5 minuets before the jump at the latest to stay unnoticed. Also avoid betting on the 1st of each month. Some bookies assess accounts on a month to month basis and winning at the start of the month will get attention early from the bookies.

Bet Types

Betting types on horse racing also come into the equation when it comes to bookmakers assessing successful punters. Bookies look at players that always place winning fixed odds bets rather than top fluctuation or starting price bets that are known as “mug punter” bets.

So stick to the tote prices and away from fixed price options to avoid a banned betting account.

Country and Metro Races

Bookies dislike punters that bet/win heavily on country races. Its harder for bookies to rate country horses especially in maiden races. If the bookies need to level out their books they will lay off your bet on the tote. There isn’t nearly a near as much money on the country totes than there is the metro races so bookies find it difficult if they need to lay off a large amount as it may have an affect of the finial tote price.

So obviously stick to the metro races where possible and the bookies won’t have any trouble laying off your bets on the tote so you keep your winning betting account and the bookies are still happy.

Use a VPN

Using Virtual Private Network or VPN will keep your IP address and location secure from the bookmakers. This will help if you have multiple users on the same computer, e.g. you and your wife/husband. This way the bookies won’t flag your other family member accounts if your account does become restricted/banned.

If you live in Victoria a VPN will allow you to use an IP address in NSW or in any other state the VPN provider allows. This is the best way to keep your internet connected private but make sure you use an Australian VPN as there as betting regulation for international accounts.

Clearing your cache and browser history will not make any difference to the bookies.

Recommended Bookmaker

As mentioned at the start of the article, there is one bookmaker I recommend that is the most lenient towards winning punters, Luxbet. Luxbet are a wanting to build their client base and have the least amount of betting checks of all the bookies. They are also giving new users $200 in free bets to kick start your account. See the Luxbet site here for more info on this free bet offer.

So there you have it, if your a winning punter and follow all these steps your shouldn’t have any troubles with a banned betting account using the Australian corporate bookmakers.
Have you got any stories about a banned betting account or restrictions? Comment below and let us know.

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