Apple Watch Betting Apps Review

apple watch bettingThe Apple watch has been released for a while now and the big players in the online bookmaking world have seen an opening to set them apart from the rest with their very own Apple Watch Betting Apps.

Ladbrokes Apple Watch App

Ladbrokes Australia were first off the bat releasing their Apple Watch betting app in late April 2015 . It was actually the Watch betting app on the App Store world wide and they let the world know with numerous press releases.

The Ladbrokes Apple Watch App is fully featured and gives users the ability to place bets much quicker than on a phone. The app fits plenty of info on the small screen including full race odds and countdown timer to the next race.

The app gives notifications of winning bets and lists live sports that are available to bet on.

Tapple watchhe App it self is very user friendly and surprisingly useful. I originally thought it would be a bit of a fad but after using it for a couple of weeks I found myself looking at the watch more and more frequently for the latest odds and to quickly place bets before the jump.Betting on the Ladbrokes Watch App works by linking with the Ladbrokes iPhone app, it send info from your iPhone straight to the watch giving you the option to keep your phone in your pocket while still getting a few bets on.

Out of the 3 Apple Watch Apps currently on the market world wide the Australian Ladbrokes Watch app is the one to get. Its been well received, has been updated regularly and look like its here to stay.

ladbrokes apple watchSee the Ladbrokes site here for more info on the Apple Watch App.

William Hill Apple Watch App

William Hill have launched a Watch App in the UK and expected to release an Australian version in the near future. William Hills Watch App also gives punters the ability to place bets right on your wrist. William Hill have said that 50% of their business comes from mobile devices so the Apple Watch App is a perfect off shoot to mobile betting.

Bet For Free will do a full review once the Australian version of the William Hill Apple Watch App comes out but we expect it to be well polished and easy to use as the UK version.

See the William Hill site here
for the latest info on upcoming products from the betting giant.

Unibet Apple Watch App

Unibet launched their UK Apple Watch App about 1 week after Ladbrokes offering but currently the app is unable to allow users to place bets through the watch. The app hasn’t launched in Australia yet but as it become more feature rich I expect it on the Aussie app store.

The Unibet watch app gives users live scores, form guides latest results and race cards. All this does come in handy for the pro punters but without the ability to place bets seems dated already.

We’ll keep you informed when Unibet have updated their app and announced an Australian launch date.

See the Unibet site here for their latest betting offers.

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