William Hill Mobile App Review

In the UK the name of William Hill is a real giant amongst bookies. Along with Ladbrokes they have become synonymous with innovation in the new age of on-line instant betting and it was this forward thinking and desire to stand out from the rest that I was hoping to see in their mobile app.

For many people the downloading of apps, registering and going through all of the on-line security checks can be tedious and not worth the effort. Some betting sites and apps are difficult to get around and damn right confusing, turning punters off what should be a pleasant experience. Getting started on The William Hill app is as easy as pie. Simply download it to your smart device and click on the William Hill icon. Here you will be asked if you are a returning customer or if you need to register for a new account.

Current William Hill clients simply need to put in their registered user name and password while newbies will have to fill out a simple form with their personal details. Once in you must deposit some cash to really get started. On some apps this is the point that can turn punters off. Finding your way around can be hard and a down right nightmare. But the boys at William Hill have again made this process as painless as can be.

Click on the menu icon in the top left corner . Scroll down to MY ACCOUNT, press Deposit, then follow the simple instructions to register your preferred payment method. Once you are ready to place your first bet you will see how well designed this app really is. It is bright and clearly labelled making it extremely easy to navigate. There are a multitude of sports each marked with their own icon as well as promo’s to scan through as well. The good thing is that none of it is overwhelming. Just select a sport, fill in a betting slip and bob’s your uncle.

William Hill are also ahead of the competition in terms of in-game or live betting thanks to its click to call feature. Click to call by passes government legislation that states you must place live bets over the phone. This sneaky bit of business allows punters to have more scope and control over an all round faster betting experience.

For me the only down side to this well designed piece of kit was the inability to watch or even have a run down on the sport you just bet your hard earned cash on. I totally understand that to have a live feed would probably break a million and one different laws but surely there is some way in which they give you some running commentary.


  • Clean, clear and easy to use
  • Lots of different sports to bet on 24/7
  • Comprehensive live betting experience
  • Competitive odds


  • No way of keeping up to date with the bets you have just made.


All in all this is a very pleasant betting experience and a real win for William Hill.


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