How to claim extra Bonus Bets from Bookmakers

So you are looking for some free bets and found that legislation in your state excludes you from getting any bonuses when joining an Australian bookmaker.

In some states the law disallows bookmakers to give you an incentive to join them, like a free bet when you join. There are still ways to get some big bonus bets that a lot of people still don’t know about. Follow our guide to take advantage of them.

Make an account with a bookmaker without making a deposit.

This is the easiest way to score some free bets. Simply make an account with a bookmaker and don’t transfer any funds over. After a week or so the bookmaker will email you giving you a free bet when a deposit is made. As you have already joined the bookmaker they can legally offer you bonus bets as its no longer an incentive to join them.

A good idea is to make a few betting accounts with the top bookies so you don’t need to wait as long for the bonus bet email to roll in.

Here is some quick links to some of the bookies with the most popular bonus bet offers.



William Hill



Make an account with a reputable overseas bookmaker

Only Australian bookmakers are bound by the free bet laws. So another easy way to score free bets is to join an international bookmaker.

Obviously you want to make sure your money is safe as there are some dodge bookies outside Australia. In my opinion 10Bet are the place to bet with.

They offer a matched $200 free bet for new users and allow punters to bet live in-play online without all the hassles of Australian live betting. Check the 10Bet site out here for more info.

Simply ask for a bonus bet!

I can confirm this does work with a lot of the bookies around. Once you have a betting account either jump on their live chat or support page and ask if they have any bonus bets they can credit your account with.

One tip is to not have any money in your betting account when you ask. They will see that your account is empty and more likely to come to the bonus bet party in return for a deposit. The bonus bets they will offer you will likely require a deposit from you.


There you have it, some of the best ways to get some bonus bets where you thought it wasn’t possible. Feel free to comment below any other tips on getting bonus bets and I’ll add them to the post.

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