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  • Australias only betting exchange

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The NSW and WA governments have banned all NSW and WA residents from viewing any bookmaker offers that are available. Don’t think that Betfair don’t have anything to offer you though. They are the only betting exchange in Australia giving punters the upper hand when it comes to odds and options.

Bet For Free recommend making a Betfair account to see all that Betfair site has to offer NSW and WA residents. They have a great support team that regularly email new customers with news and tips on how to use their site to the fullest.

Here’s how make an account with Betfair

Betfair is very popular for both weekend punters and high rollers making them the best all rounder.

For more info about Betfair see the Betfair site here.

About Betfair

Betfair is a betting exchange based in Australia. Members can bet at odds set by each other rather than betting with a bookie, like two mates at a bar.

The advantage of Betfair over a traditional bookmaker is the ability to “Lay” a betting market. This means that you can bet on a team or certain horse to lose, rather than winning like with a normal bookmaker.

Eg. You can offer odds to other punters who wish to back a team for example Sydney to beat Melbourne. If someone takes your odds and Sydney doesn’t win then you win!

This gives punters a whole new outlook when it comes to sports betting which has become very popular in Australian in a short amount of time. It make the average punter able to become a bookmaker!

Betfair offers more betting options than majority of the other bookmakers in Australia. They include financial bets like interest rates and the US and Australian dollar values, these markets can be very lucrative to punters in the industry and are more predictable than sports betting and horse racing.

Advantages With Betfair

There are many advantages to the Betfair exchange, the main one being that there is no actual bookmaker involved so you get the highest odds possible.

Betfair also have the most variaty of bets available. They offer the largest range of international markets of any other betting site in Australia.

You can also bet while a match is in play giving you full control on your betting. This can be done via Betfair phone betting service as Australian laws still outlaw online live betting at the moment.

Betfair also has an excellent mobile phone app that is used not only in Australia but throughout Europe so you know it is highly polished and fine tuned. The app is available for all iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The Betfair promo code can also be claimed on mobile’s using the same Betfair free bet offer page here.

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