Liberal strong to win election seat in Bennelong!

John Howards former seat of Bennelong has had a steady stream of cash for the ALP to take the seat. This has forced SportingBet Australia to drastically slash the odds from $8.80 down to $4.80 .

454974-795d85e8-d1b9-11e2-b1c3-c244da926effHowever the Liberal/National party is still the strong favourite at Sportingbet to take the seat in Bennelong.

“The ALP require more than a 3% two-party preferred swing in their favour to win Bennelong but clearly there’s some confidence in the new Labor candidate Jason Yat-sen Li,” Sportingbet Australia spokesman Andrew Brown said.

Overall it seems as though the coalition has this election in the bag with the odds showing in their favour for the kill. Even with Kevin Rudd making the comeback for the ALP it has not made it a comfortable party to bet with.

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Australian Federal Election

Sportingbet Australia market
Coalition $1.28
ALP $3.55

House Of Representatives – Bennelong
Liberal/National party $1.15
ALP $4.80
Greens $41.00
Any other party $41.00
Independent $51.00

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