In Play Betting With William Hills Click To Call

Live betting or in play betting has always been a bit of a no no with in Australia. There are laws set up that restrict punters to making phone bets rather than using a quicker more efficient on-line service. But as always bookies are trying their best to sneak around these laws with the aim of improving the Australian live betting experience. William Hill have introduced “Click To Call” while Ladbrokes have their “Quick Call” equivalent both of which claim to offer the fastest live betting experience in the country. But how does it work?

William Hill Click To Call

Essentially using click to call is the same as making any other bet through the William Hill website. You click on live betting, pick the market, type in how much you wish place, then click on the green “call to place live bet” button and bob’s your uncle. The way this skips any legal legislation is by using your computer’s built in microphone. I don’t really understand how it works but it  seems by simply allowing the website to have access to your microphone and by having a button that says call, then you are officially making a phone call rather than using the net to bet. It seems very sneaky and only works through certain browsers but it certainly has it’s benefits as we will see later.

Click To Call Available Browsers

Windows/MacOs — Chrome
Windows/MacOS — Firefox 22+
Windows — Internet Explorer 10+
Android — Chrome
Samsung Galaxy S3 Phone — Chrome
MacOs — Safari

Ladbrokes Quick Call

Exactly like the William Hill click to call feature the Ladbrokes version uses your computers microphone while making a bet. The Ladbrokes site will actually ask for your permission to synthesise your voice to make the bet, forgoing any legislation that says your live bet must be made over the phone. Again the process is simple. Make sure your device has a microphone capability. Click on live betting, make your selection, accept the pop-up screen that appears and click ‘CONFIRM BET’ when prompted. Your bet has now been placed. This service is also only available on certain browsers and devices.

Quick Call Available Browsers

Windows/MacOs Chrome
Windows/MacOS Firefox 22+
Windows Internet Explorer 10+
Samsung Galaxy S3 Phone/Chrome
MacOs Safari

So what does all of this mean?

The speed of this betting has some great advantages especially in sports with a great flow of action like AFL, Soccer or Tennis, but betting on the next goal scorer in an AFL match is one way I see  this feature being a great little earner. I have to admit I am yet to test this theory but certainly intend to.  As soon as a ball is marked you should be able to access the click to call or quick call features and bet on  who you think will be the next goal scorer. You would still need to be quick getting your bet down but as long as you are a good judge of distance and the kicking ability of the player in question then this is surely the best way to make the most of this new live betting experience.

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