Election 2016 Betting Guide

The Australian general election is only a year away and we have already had our obligatory change of Prime Minister decided by boardroom back stabbing rather than the public they lead. The last time this happened was when Julia Gillard stitched up Kevin Rudd in 2010. On that occasion Gillard struggled to hold on to her ill-gotten throne and was her self disposed of by a rebounding K-Rudd.

This crazy world of Australia politics has sent punters crazy and made betting on the outcome of elections harder than it used to be. So we have decide to help and here is our run down on the on some of the best places to put your free bet from Sportsbet over the next year of Australian politics.

Coalition Leader At The Next General Election

If you want a dead cert on your freebet then this has to be it. Malcolm Turnbull has swept aside Tony Abbott and has managed to impress many around the country in doing so. Sportsbet has the new PM at only $1.02 to hold the Coalition leadership in to the election, which isn’t exactly going to make you rich but free money is free money. If you have some insider knowledge and are aware of another coup coming in the next 12 months then how about hitting Scott Morrison at $5.00 or Julia bishop at $11.00.

Labor Leader At The Next General Election

The Labor leadership could be a little more uncertain. Although, with only 12 months to go until voting begins current leader Bill Shorten is still favourite at $1.44. There is some discontent within the Labor ranks though and Shorten’s strength as leader has come under question. Tanya Plibersek is waiting in the wings at $3.50 as is Anthony Albanese at $5.00 with Sportsbet. I feel they would be crazy to get rid of Shorten now, but if they do decide a change of leader is needed to combat the Malcolm Turnbull effect then my money would be on Albanese for a shock win.

Month Of Next General Election

Every time a new Prime Minister is sworn in after stabbing somebody in the back there is always the inevitable discussion that follows of whether they will call an early election or not. The current schedule says it will be September 2016 with Sportsbet offering $4.00 for it to stay that way. Many people think it will be a little earlier and you can get $5.00 on August or March. It was only today though that new treasurer, Scott Morrison, adamantly said there would be no change to the date of the next election while being interviewed on TV. There are rumours floating around the political papers that Malcolm Turnbull wants to cash in on his current popularity with an election as early as November this year, which will pay a princely sum of $7.50, but for me Morrison seemed convinced and my money is on a September 2016 election.

Other Notable Bets From Sportsbet

Sworn in Government After Next General Election

Coalition $1.25 – Labor $4.00


Will There Be A Hung Parliament After The Next Election?

Yes $4.20 – No $1.20

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